Directors & Engineers

Derek Müller
18 Years
Registered in Terms of the Engineering
Profession of South Africa Act, 1990
(Act 114 of 1990) Pr Eng B Eng (20050303)
Engineering Council of Namibia – Pr. Eng
Managing Director
Pierre Terblanché
34 Years
B. Tech (Electrical)
Pr. PMSA; GCC (Electrical)
Senior Project Engineer and Professional Project Manager
Abdullah Jeeva
9 Years
B.Tech (Electrical)Project Engineer
Jaco King
6 Years
B.Eng (Electronic)
Project Engineer
C.P. Labuschagne
3 Years
B.Eng (Electrical) Project Engineer
Ruan Horak
1 Year
B.Eng (Electrical & Electronic) Project Engineer

Standards and/or Specifications

AON South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Institutes / Organisations